“This experience is a privilege!”, 19/6/14 by Katharina

My mother´s wish for her 60th birthday was simple: a greek paradise –

The big surprise: We found one: “Elounda Island Villas” at Spina Longa
The whole family, 3 generations(!), stayed at “Elounda Island Villas” for 2 weeks
– and the whole family loved it!
We loved to experience the warm-hearted atmosphere of the tasteful villas
the peace of the peninsula, the power of the original nature,
the inspiration of the the 4000 years old archaeological relicts of the Minoan culture and the never ending fascination of the sea: it shows especially around the peninsula Spina Longa impressing different faces: the absolutely clearness of the water, the endless shades of blue, the privacy of the small bays, the wide on the east-side of the peninsula, with the view on the rough mountains of crete, the calm on the south coast of the the peninsula, looking at Elounda. And last, but not least the sea shows it´s impressing faces in the art of Lida Alexupoulous´ (who owns the “Elounda Island Villas”).
The peninsula is big enough to discover your own private places and treasures.
Within walking-distance is Elounda, a charming big village with lots of greek tavernas (especially the “kanali” is a magic place!) – everything you need!
It´s a privilege to be allowed to experience all of that!