‘Treasure Islet’, Sarah, UK, September 2012

A sunny, light breeze wafts through the balcony into our bright open bedroom, I pad down the wooden stairs and make coffee, returning to watch the morning sea with some fresh watermelon. That or a morning dip in front of our villa, I have neighbours but I don’t feel them, the beach is quiet and I say hello to one other dipper. Sometimes we go to the other beach 5 mins away, watch the under water world with our snorkels and forget about our otherwise urban existence. Little fish of luminous green and blue swim by, the sea is so beautiful. Plopping on the rocks to cool off, the sun licks our skin and my book awaits. We could go into Elouda town for lunch but why, the food is so good here and the shade on the terrace welcoming, goat bells tinkle. Watch the orange moon rise over Elouda Island Villas from a restaurant in the town and smile proudly when you return ‘home’ away from the hustle and bustle, past the salt mines and ancient sunken city of ‘Olous’. The service is warm and discreet, discover the true talent of Lida in her art work, she can also tell you where to snorkel to find Olous and other treasures, or simply soak up their gentle hospitality and admire the well-tendered gardens.
Exceptional and incredible value. We fell in love again and with Elouda Island Villas.