Miguel Edwards

Miguel Edwrads is a sculptor and photographer based in Bend Oregon (USA). He has been awarded for his art work and commissioned to create large scale sculptures for public spaces in the USA. His work is represented by numerous Galleries and has done five solo exhibitions.

Instagram: @themigueledwards

Website: www.migueledwards.com

Project Title: Kyma

Medium: Aluminum

Date: May 2023

Artist’s statement, concerning the project:

I wanted to do something that related to the water and the sky, which were prominent in our experience. I wanted it to have both implied motion and a relatable color but also a sense of space and interconnectedness. The viewer will notice that all 3 elements are a similar form and connected in that way but also the negative space, there is more air than metal in this piece, this air and negative space reference the sky and clearly, the forms themselves relate to the water (Aegean Sea).


Concept/Idea of the work and a short description of your experience of working at Elounda Island Villas:

Working with Leda and her team was pure inspiration. Installation was a simple process for my piece, especially with their enthusiastic support. Our time at Elounda Villas was the highlight of our trip. It was the absolute perfect way to start our exploration in Greece. The Villas are something out of a perfect dream. Waking up to the custom-crafted space and walking out for a sunrise over the water will transport anyone to their highest possible expectations. There was great love in their construction by Leda’s parents when crafting them off-grid and sustainably in the 1970s. We felt instantly welcomed and at home by Leda and her wondrous Elounda Island Villas.