Another kind of blue

  • Dive in to another kind of blue
  • Read a book
  • Have a treat
  • Appreciate the serenity
  • Play with the elements

Imagine walking under the scorching sun, along the salt pans of Spinalonga’s peninsula that lead to the Kanali and the site of Ancient Olous. Imagine you‘ve reached the other side of the famous sheltered cove, looking directly at the port of Elounda. There is nothing here, but a cozy café with its much needed shade and the embrace of the adjacent rooms of Elounda Island Villas. And I mean nothing. No other modern structures, no other man made noise, no other occupants except your neighbors. The only cars you’ll hear will be the ones that use the dirt road that lead to the other side of Kolokytha and the open sea. And as you can imagine, when the night falls, these too vanish.

It’s then, when you sit on your balcony just you and the cicadas, just you and the wind, just you and the setting sun looking back at everyone else, that you get the picture. Not a picture for your I-phone, or your camera· one that’s meant for your soul.

We stayed there for only two days, but they were enough to show us another kind of seclusion, quietness and tranquility. In times like that you feel lucky, grateful that you came to be there and nowhere else, even if it was just for a short while. Some “whiles” can last a long time. Thank you Lida and Kosta.


Ps. The book corner, the handmade map, the homemade food and the “parea” of our beautiful hosts were a marvelous plus. Just saying…

Electra Fatourou, July 2017

Elounda Island - Josef Kittinger