Friends of Wine

Yesterday 11.6.14 the weather was lovely! It was warm but a pleasant breeze coming from the west was cooling the atmosphere. Crickets and birds were making the only noise! Our lovely guests were enjoying the good weather as well. It was a very special day for me. My very good friends Jeanny and Ruud Heuzer from Holland were enjoying their third vacation at Elounda Island!’

Yesterday evening me, my mother and our precious friends enjoyed a delicious dinner at Kanali! Now they are back to Holland and back to their works. Ruud and his daughter Merel , who is a professional sommelier, have started a new business of importing an excellent selection of wines from Crete to Holland. Merel is getting married in August and she will have her honeymoon with us in September. We wish her all the happiness and a great success with her new business!!’


by Lida Alexopoulou | Elounda Island Villas Manager

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