Lauren Printy Currie

Artist Lauren Printy was born in 1985. She lives and works in Glasgow.

Project Title: Two different yet independent bodies, into one another

Medium: Mixed media – Installation

Date: May-June 2019

“I work by spending time with things that I’ve collected, with the references that I carry along, with the numerous voices ―of friends, acquaintances and peers― that is part of the process of developing work, which also includes the essential voices of inspirational thinkers from the past that populate our thoughts and conversations and are thus also present”.
Céline Condorelli

The work consists of two textile panels into which is sewn a number of compartments to hold objects that I have found and collected from the surrounding landscape and the sea – palm leaves, vegetation, seaweed, shells, glass, driftwood, rocks, pieces of metal, flowers, soil, and bags – a dialogue of connected materials. I have installed them approximately 5 metres from the sea, in a dry raised bed of cracked earth which is cordoned by rocks alongside a path which cuts through the front of the garden.